As I am sure you are well aware, the kids run the show, but that’s why it’s a carefree session. No rules about what they can and can't do really! It is all about having some fun, spending time in the sun, loving and snuggling together as a family. 

There is always lot’s of laughs and a whole lot of twirling, jumping and playing in the breeze. It's time to let the wind in your hair and just relax, breathe in the moment, and enjoy yourself, while we document this moment in time together. 



Your partner and kids are always included in any of your sessions. It is all about documenting your love, connection and excitement.

After all everyone in your family is excited to meet the new baby, it is extremely precious to document this celebration before you have your baby.



I am always on the search for more secret spots for family sessions.

Upon making your booking you can choose from beach, or our favourite grassy field spots, around the area. 

I can even come to your house or property and document the love you have in your own home!



Booking your Family session ahead of time is paramount.

It ensures you can be scheduled into a date that suits you, and so that you don’t miss out on capturing these special moments in time. 
As soon as you know your wanting to have a Family session done with me, book it! 
Having a family of my own, with 2 little boys and working in and around my husbands roster, my availability does book up fast!